101413 - duck hunts-3

Waterfowl can be patterned.  Yet at the same time, unpredictable.

It never fails, no matter how many birds you see in a field or on a slough the day before, sometimes something wacky in their brain tells them to go somewhere else the next day.

Like south, maybe.

Yesterday however, we wore down the tread on our tires searching endless fields of corn and soybeans in search of the new birds that migrated to the area.

We found ’em!

101513 - geese landing field

Just before dark, we stopped by a corn field that had just been picked, just off the Lac qui Parle refuge.  We watched as geese piled in, along with flocks of mallards and wood ducks.   Bingo-we’ve got our spot.

The next morning arrived with high hopes for our group from the Twin Cities.

101313 - nick nate koda duck hunt

Just prior to legal shooting time, the skies were abuzz with whistling wings from early rising ducks.  Luckily they were still flying when our alarm signaled the “go ahead”.  The rest of the morning was filled with high-fives, big geese, little geese and a huge pile of wood ducks.  “The best hunt we’ve ever been on”, were the words I heard afterwards.  That’s what we like to hear.

101413 - duck hunts-4

Geese were landing so close to our blinds that morning that you could reach out and grab them.  We like to put birds in your face for high percentage shots.  If you like ’em feet down and right in front, book a hunt with us at the Watson Hunting Camp!